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Ms. Aarushi Vikram

Secretary, Urja

Aarushi Vikram holds a Double MA in International Politics and Gender and Development, with primary research interests in terrorism and conflict. She also has a BA (Hons) degree in Political Science. She has worked extensively as a researcher with think tanks such as the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, and NGOs such as STOP India. Her previous works include a dissertation thesis titled 'Differing Consequences of War: Why Does the Status and Contributions of Women in Conflict Differ in Different Nations?' (September 2018), 'AMISOM Amidst the Dangers of Al-Shabaab' (Africa Trends, Volume 8, Issue 1, January-June 2019), and 'James Hamill, Africa’s Lost Leader: South Africa’s Continental Role Since Apartheid' (Africa Trends, Volume 9, Issue 1, January-June 2020).

She has co-authored a chapter entitled 'The Curious Case of Pakistan’s Nuclear Proliferation' in the book 'Pakistan’s Security Dynamics and Nuclear Weapons' by Shalini Chawla and Dr. Rajiv Nayan. At STOP India, she has worked on research projects related to women and child trafficking and anti-trafficking laws in India. She has also conducted research on workplace harassment for domestic workers and daily wage labourers, and has worked in the Sports for Development Programme at Magic Bus India.

Ms. Aarushi Vikram
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