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We are URJA - Uniform Rights and Justice Assured


  • Sensitisation of women regarding their rights, thus, equipping them with the ability to raise their voice against atrocities and seek justice.

  • Working as a catalyst in bringing sustainable changes in the lives of underprivileged women and girls, along with the transgender community; with a life cycle approach of hope and progress.

  • To create a safe environment for women, wherein their rights are ensured, justice is imparted and no women are denied legal aid due to lack of awareness or access.

  • To provide legal counsel and advice to female jail inmates with lack of access, knowledge or awareness.

  • Enabling women from marginalised communities to achieve equality and justice through legal aid, counselling, and legal representation to ensure justice against the atrocities and discrimination against women. The primary goal remains to shift from a discriminatory to an egalitarian approach to legal awareness.

  • To work towards protection and empowerment of women and girls in all spheres of public and private life so that they are aware of their full potential in a just and unbiased society.

  • To equip female jail inmates with legal aid and counselling.

  • To raise awareness regarding transgender rights within the community and to provide a safe space and counsel to transgender persons.



  • To provide advocacy on women’s rights and gender equality.

  • To provide pro bono legal aid and representation to women and girls belonging to the weaker sections of the society.

  • To provide sensitisation of legal matters. Increasing awareness of legal and fundamental rights is necessary to recognise the atrocities or injustice taking place.

  • To provide pro bono counselling and legal advice to all who are in the marginalised community.

  • To implement women’s education for the attainment of equal status of women in all aspects of social, political and economic development within the community and nations at large.

  • Conducting gender research in all spheres of social life.

  • Supporting girls and women in difficult social and economic situations, victims of violence and discrimination, and those in need of protection and help for their social integration.

  • Elaborating, organising and executing projects related to gender issues and subsequent legal rights. Production and distribution of creative and informative material on legal rights for women.

  • Capacity building for women regarding their rights.

  • Focusing on repatriation of girls and women, especially jail inmates upon release.

  • To bring about awareness and provide legal advice, counsel and a safe space to transgender persons.

  • To provide a helpline number through which women and girls can seamlessly, safely and discreetly seek advice and legal counsel in order to bridge the gap caused by lack of physical access.

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