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Ms. Vatsla Vishakha

Advocate, Delhi High Court

Ms. Vatsla Vishakha Prabhudasi is an accomplished professional with a broad range of skills and experiences. She is a graduate in Psychology and a postgraduate in Criminology, bringing a unique blend of knowledge to her work. Ms. Prabhudasi has worked with the Ministry of Home Affairs on various research projects, as well as with the National Commission for Women.

As a senior practicing Advocate in the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court, as well as other District and Consumer Courts of Delhi/NCR, she has gained extensive experience in the legal field. Additionally, Ms. Prabhudasi is the co-founder of an online legal publication called 'Legally Writing'. She is passionate about protecting the rights of women and children and brings her expertise and commitment to this cause.

Ms. Vatsla Vishakha
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